Restaurant – Pizzeria


Grano is located in the Mountain Vista Plaza Shopping Center of Duarte, in Los Angeles County. We offer delicious Lunch and Dinner and the best espresso: an authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh quality ingredients. Our menus include Handmade Pasta and tasty Sauces, Pizzas, Sandwiches, organic Salads, many Appetizers and delicious entrees. Grano is a restaurant designed around your needs, to offer the true taste of good Italian food comfortably seated at the restaurant, but also directly at home, with

Delivery Service or Take Out.

A Catering Service is available for dinner and private events.

Grano Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar Duarte
Grano Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar Duarte

Fresh Pasta


The grand tradition of Italian Pasta, a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet which has been recognized by UNESCO as being particularly healthy, is on display at Grano with the personal touch that customers expect.

Ingredients are meticulously resourced, everything is worked by hand and obsessive attention is paid to all phases of the process.

This is allow us to offer a vast array of fresh pastas that have that delicious, home-made taste – cooked to perfection.

Our fresh pasta is in different varieties: rolled, short, stuffed, with egg. The customer is also be able to buy pre-cooked pasta, easy to make at home. We make fresh, organic sauces to add to the different types of pasta on the menu.

All the classics are there as well as the more experimental, gourmet sauces created over many years by Chef Gualtiero Marchesi’s protege:

Executive Chef Fabrizio Landi.



Our Pizza is different not only due to the array of toppings that characterize it, but also due to the light and easily digestible dough that is used. This is made possible through a longer and more intricate ancient leavening process that takes temperature, air humidity, the type of yeast used, the types of flour and the levels of starch in them into consideration. The dough is left to rise well over 24 hours and in order for it to be rendered optimally, it must be cooked in such a way that the light texture and the fragrance is maintained and its balanced nutritional make-up is preserved.

Grano Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar Duarte

Sandwiches & Sweet Goods


We also offer delicious sandwiches made with soft bread with lots of different fillings like prosciutto, cheese, salame, tuna, tomato, onion, salad and more and finally sweet goods such as specialty pastries, cakes and different tartines.